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Binance is the best place to buy and sell Bitcoin in Spain. Binance is very popular in terms of fees, safety, and customer support. 

Huobi is a top exchange to purchase Bitcoin in the world. Spanish Bitcoin users love the benefits of the exchange for pre-trading basis fees, prices, and security.

HotBit is one of the reputed Bitcoin exchanges in the world. It is considered by the users in Spain for liquidity, price, and user experience. Huobi offers lucrative options to almost 170 countries. 


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Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world. It is also one of the most popular exchanges in Spain. Binance started its operation in 2017 when Changpeng Zhao came to the industry with a vision to change the exchanges forever. Now, Binance has spread in 180+ countries by providing the best services possible.

Binance has a wider user base in Spain. The volume and liquidity are considered one of the highest in the market. Users love the higher trading limits. The higher limits can be used for a wider range of currencies. Binance offers more than 200 cryptocurrencies for the crypto traders. Moreover, fiat currencies can be used to improve the trading experience.

Binance is a faster exchange with 1.4 million transactions per second. Furthermore, Binance prices are suitable for high volume traders living in Spain. They can enjoy a 0.1% trading fee for using the platform. Currently, the native token BNB can be used to reduce trading fee by 25%. This reward created hype in the market for a long time. 

  • Popular: Binance is the most popular exchange in Spain

  • Trading Fee: Best fees 0.1% for profitable trading

  • Native Coin: BNB native coin rewards 25%

  • SEPA: SEPA accepted for the Spanish users

  • Fast transaction: 1.4 million transactions per second

  • Major coins: Major coins are accepted to buy and sell

  • Hackers: Bitcoin hackers had a history of breaking the network once

  • Strong for Professionals: Binance has all the sophisticated tools for the professional only 

Huobi is a popular place to buy Bitcoin in Spain. It has a simple user interface and strong security measures making it the top desired exchange. Leon Li, an Oracle engineer found the exchange in 2013. Currently, it is headquartered in Singapore. Li developed a world-class crypto exchange trusted by Bitcoin users.

Huobi has been a big name with investments from Sequoia Capital. Huobi secured almost $247 billion turnover and 50% market capitalization making it the largest exchange before. The Spanish users love the native HT coin for trading discounts and rewards. Huobi native coin offers up to 65% discounts.

Huobi also has a large Spanish Community. The community loves the powerful security protocols. The security issues are always dealt with advanced technologies. Huobi has never been breached by the hackers. Furthermore, 2FA provides an extra layer to the overall security of the exchange. 

Huobi has a great exchange fee. It takes a pre-trading basis 0.2% fees. Multiple methods in Spain like Cards, Bank Transfer, Swift, and others are accepted. The transaction fees are quite cheaper compared to many options. Spanish users can even avail of the margin trading facility with higher liquidity support.

Huobi has great customer support. Huobi support teamwork relentlessly to solve any trading related issues within a short time. The Spanish language is accepted inside the platform making the experience seamless. A trader living in Spain can quickly create an account and start trading using the Huobi website or other mobile applications.

  • Spanish Language: Supports Spanish Language

  • Currencies: Well-diverse currency list ready for trading any time

  • Payment Methods: Debit card, Credit card, Bank transfer, and other methods are available

  • Multi-Platform: Offers multiple platforms like web tools and mobile apps for iOS and Android

  • Liquidity: 2+ billion daily trading volume

  • Security: One of the most secured trading platform

  • Lower limits: Some currencies have lower trading limits

  • Fiat limitations: Fiat currency limitations for credit cards

HotBit is a recent powerhouse in the Bitcoin exchange market. It started in 2018 and already set a benchmark as a secured crypto exchange in the world. HotBit is now based in the city of Shanghai and Taipei. But it has already become one of the top non-Chinese brands in the crypto world.

HotBit has a highly competitive trading fee. It charges 0.2% as a taker fee. Interestingly, the maker fee is used as a reward for the traders. It offers a -0.05% fee for the trade makers. This competitive advantage allowed the HotBit Spanish community to thrive.
The numbers of exotic and major currencies are also taking the exchange to the next level. At present, 500+ currencies are allowed to trade inside this wonderful platform. Enough liquidity and trade volume is ensured so that traders can make maximum profit out of a trade.

HotBit is supported in 170+ countries including Spain. European traders love HotBit for the easy platform and elegant tools provided inside the ecosystem. Some traders who are conscious about the hackers and scammers in the Cryptocurrency domain can easily trust HotBit. It has similar security protocols to the top-tiered exchanges. Moreover, HotBit regularly audits security issues and curb out any threat in real-time. 

  • Security: One of the secured exchanges and rating the same as Binance

  • Rewards: Makers enjoy -0.05% fees

  • Zero Deposit Fee: Some currencies have zero trading fees

  • Major currencies: All the major cryptos and exotic coins available

  • Customer Service: Great customer services

  • Spanish Community: Separate community for Spanish users

  • Experience: It is the newest in our list

  • Spanish Language: Spanish is not accepted inside the platform

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How to Choose Bitcoin Exchanges?

Bitcoin is an extremely volatile digital asset. Without understanding the basic structure of the Bitcoin market it is impossible to make profits from trading the currency. Generally, Investors spend hours studying the benefits of Bitcoin exchanges and trading mechanisms to protect themselves from large losses.

There is a list of tasks that we think can be beneficial for the Bitcoin trader in Spain. Following the rules properly might be helpful for a profitable trade.

If you are living in Spain please read the following educational content before you start making Bitcoin deals inside the exchange ecosystem.

To learn more about crypto check What is Bitcoin?Buy Bitcoin Now or What is Crypto.

Look for Prevailing Reputation

Compare Exchange Rates

Is the Exchange Safe?

It is quite easy to start trading in a crypto exchange which has the intention to rob the money of the investors. Since the purpose of Bitcoin is to make money decentralized some exchanges enter the market lacking the proper due diligence from the authorities. So understanding the reputation of exchange and investing in the top exchanges is very important to save the hard-earned money of an investor. 

If the exchanges have a reputation, start comparing the prices. Most of the exchanges try to offer similar exchange fees. However, sometimes they choose promotional offers, rewards, discounts, etc. Availing these offers might be beneficial for a profitable trade. The exchanges we listed here are all offering a small exchange rate compared to many others.

Safety is a paramount feature. Bitcoin exchanges deal with millions and billions of investors fund. Hence, it is important to understand the safety of each exchange. If the exchange has suspicious involvements it is wiser to filter out the option. We made the list in a way that only the safest remains in the review.

Bitcoin vs regular money transactions

Fiat is the regular financial system we use in our everyday life. It is issued by the government and monitored using a banking channel. The system has no currency supply limitation making it difficult to control the overall supply. Example of Fiat currencies includes paperbacks like Euro, Dollar, Pound, etc. Central banks create a traditional banking network to keep the system running. As a result, the system is considered expensive compared to the Bitcoin system. The value of the fiat currency is considered depending on the overall supply and demand of the currency.

The bitcoin transaction process is unique, unlike any other previous systems. It uses all the latest technologies to make the experience better. A strict crypto technology verifies each transaction in real-time. The safety of Bitcoin transactions can be ensured by providing a private key to the users. Users can buy and sell Bitcoins in the exchanges at a certain rate. Once the Bitcoin is purchased it is kept in the digital wallets. Digital wallets are considered a safe place to keep the currencies until a user provides the private key to the scammer. All these operations can be done at a cheaper rate without any central banks


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