Huobi review

Huobi used to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of market capitalization. Still, it is one of the largest and the top three exchanges on our list. With a focus to serve the Chinese users, Huobi started its journey in 2013. It has been a part of the Bitcoin revolution for years without losing the reputation for long years.

Huobi serves all the top nations in the world and now has a strong community in Spain. Since Spanish users love Bitcoin trading Huobi has a strong presence in the country. A next-level security protocol made it the most desired place for cryptocurrency lovers.

Hacking incidents in recent days worries most of the Bitcoin traders. Scammers use multiple techniques to take away everything from the user’s accounts. However, Huobi is the best option for future scam-free trading experience. It has been operational since the inception of the cryptocurrency movement.

To satisfy the needs of global users Huobi uses multiple platforms. Huobi Global is the platform which the Huobi Group uses to support the communities like Spanish users. With 5 million active users and competitive rates, Huobi has the capacity to provide the best deal for any Spanish user today.

Asset Coverage

Huobi is specialized in providing currencies in demand. It understands the market vibe and provides all the pairs to the users with strong volume support. Currently, 235 cryptocurrencies are paired up with each other which can be used to make the most profitable trade decisions possible.

The variety of currencies is a wonder in the cryptocurrency world. Tokens like Bitcoin, Neo, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, etc are very popular both in volume and liquidity. Moreover, Huobi is one of the first to offer both margin trading and futures trading in the market. 7 tokens were listed at once for future trading by Huobi.

Huobi also offers native token HT like Binance. It is a reward for the users for staying inside the platform.

Exchange Fee


Huobi fees are very minimal. It has a 0.2% flat fee for both makers and takers. HT token also adds a 65% additional reward option for all the traders. Having a flat fee can be a desirable option for many traders. Some users don’t like the complex trading fee structures provided by other exchanges.

However, the 0.2% fee can be considered a little bit high for some traders. Those who want security and safety from the exchange should find the rate quite justifiable at the current market condition. The fee structure for deposit and withdrawal is also beneficial for any user.

Trading Platform 


Huobi has one of the best trading systems, lucrative for Spanish users. The trading experience is something no traders can forget. It is fast, interactive, and simple. The rapid fast increase of Huobi's popularity forces the exchange to iterate the design to the user's need.

Already in 2020, Huobi's daily spot trading increased by over 25%. This is a big achievement due to the services provided by the platform designers. This increase in volume during a pandemic can be praiseworthy. The constant improvement of the platform by investing more money and time in it is making Huobi one of the most competitive platforms in the industry.

Fortunately, all the services are inside one Huobi ecosystem. Once you are inside the ecosystem you get to choose all the services at the cheapest price. Just opening an account will be enough to avail of all the modern trading services for the users living in Spain. 

Customer Service


Like the trading platform, Huobi is also improving customer services each day. The service is incomparable and better than most of the top exchanges in the marketplace. No delay can be expected from the customer support team. It has the experience of supporting millions of users in any country with multiple languages.

The support is sometimes ensured using live tools. Thanks to the modern technologies users can get both desktop and mobile support from the team 24/7. Users generally contact directly with the service team via mail or help center and submit a request. Once the ticket is raised an agent quickly dives into the problem and solve it as quickly as possible. The speed of service is tested and better than most of the exchanges out there.



Huobi founders had the desire to make the exchange most secured among other top exchanges in the world. Thanks to the dedication of the developers and the users it is now one of the most secured digital asset buying and selling places in the world. 

Huobi constantly monitors the transactions of the traders. If something fishy goes behind the transactions the audit team quickly raises a red alert to the system. Hence, a vigorous analysis must go behind the process 24/7. This is how users can gain all the benefits from Huobi without chased by a hacker.

Huobi also offers one of the most powerful verification processes. In our study, verification of the Huobi Spanish account means the user is safe from any security threat by the hackers. 

Additionally, Huobi also has an interest in protecting the currencies inside the digital wallets of the users. Generally, hackers try to break through the wallets to gain maximum access to the trader’s fund. A wallet management backup mnemonics is the most unique way to save the hard-earned money of the Huobi wallet users.


Asset Coverage 

Exchange Fee

Trading Platform

Customer Support








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  • Simple and Easy trading platform

  • 5 million userbase

  • Major currencies supported

  • Debit and Credit card accepted

  • Large trading volume- 2+ million

  • Endless Currency options- 200+ 

  • Popularity among the Spanish Bitcoin traders

  • Spanish Language accepted inside the platform

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  • More focus on Asian users

  • SEPA not accepted


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