Binance review

Binance is the most desired place to buy Bitcoin in Spain. It is one of the best marketplaces in terms of Bitcoin security, volume, and speed. Changpeng Zhao is the main visionary behind the exchange. He started this exchange in 2017 with a vision to improve the crypto trading experience.

Binance had a major success globally with dedicated community support. The Spanish Binance community is quite active and supportive of the traders. Currently, Binance has 200+ currencies ready for trade any time. Spain, being a support to the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement, provided a strong base for Binance to achieve success.

Apart from Spain, Binance also serves 180+ countries in other countries which made it one of the valuable places to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. A dedicated support system serves the community with all the latest tools and technologies available today.

Asset Coverage 

Binance can provide every trading pair popular nowadays. Trading these currencies with Bitcoin is quite easy and simple. Choosing from 200+ currencies is not an easy task. Hence, traders love trading well-accepted currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Whether major currencies or altcoins, enjoy strong volume and liquidity in each pair.

Our study says a strong volume (30 %+) derives from Bitcoin pairs. Hence, trading Bitcoin is a comfortable experience inside the Binance platform. Fiat deposit option is another big achievement for Binance since only the top exchanges provide the options. 

All these currencies can be availed using multiple payment systems. First of all, using both Visa and MasterCard is accepted by Binance. Next, SEPA transfer is also accepted for the Spanish users. Finally, Third-party platforms are also offered to make a fast and comfortable payment experience.

Exchange Fee 

Binance has a very competitive 0.1% exchange fee based on crypto trading behaviors. This is quite interesting since the platform keeps a close eye on the trader’s profitability index. For Bitcoin lovers, it has to be the best deal ever possible. The fee diminishes costly trade expenses and increases the overall profitability.

With a native token inside the platform, the trading experience can be improved tenfold. A 25% discount is offered for those who use the native token BNB inside the platform. The discount can be availed by either holding or using during a trade. As soon as Binance announced such discounts it created a buzz in the industry.

The withdrawal fee is also one of the lowest. The 0.0000023 withdrawal fee is incomparable in the current market scenario. Moreover, those who love Bitcoin can enjoy a free deposit benefit. Such lower overall exchange fees make Binance a haven for Bitcoin trading.

Trading Platform 


Binance has an eye-catching platform for the traders. The platform has the functionality for both the beginner and the expert users. New users can perform a buy or sell order in minutes. In this way, trading Bitcoin and other currency pairs are just a few clicks away for the beginners.

Experts, on the other hand, can use live charts, prices, price histories, and other higher-level options to pinpoint a trading decision. Trading insights, limit options, margin trading, and other options are available for the professionals.

The advanced trading platform inside the Binance ecosystem is one of the most powerful in the world. Order books, trading books, and advanced charts all are available with a sleek design for the users. 
The OTC and margin trading platforms are also improved services where taking quotes and purchasing Bitcoin is seamless. The price charts, volume options, and indicators are well tested to make trading enjoyable.

Customer Support 

Binance customer support is world-class. Any user living in Spain can easily trust the 24/7 customer service agents without any doubt. The use of modern customer support techniques made it a very desirable experience. Binance trusts both the traditional customer support teams and a community system to solve any issue very fast.

The customer support team has been equipped with ultra-modern tools. They can easily track and solve a customer issue within a short time. The customer support has the capacity to work with multi-language users. Around 180 country users take constant support from the support.

Binance also offers ranges of FAQ’s, guides, and other quick learning materials. These are helpful for the new traders. Rather than raising tickets for an issue that can be solved following guide users are encouraged to follow the pre-written content from the platform.

The Binance community is also active to support any trader. Multiple communication platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram are used to support the Spanish community users. A group of volunteers loves to support those who need quick help. 

Binance also has a separate learning academy to teach the beginners and professionals different trading tools and techniques. 


Binance engineers work relentlessly to save users from security threats. Binance audits all the security protocols on a regular basis. On the other hand, users are also prompted to make the accounts secured using state-of-the-art tools provided by the exchange.

Currently, the Binance account verification process is a part of making each account invincible from the hackers. For instance, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has to be implemented during the account opening process. This gives the users security from techniques like sim swapping.


Asset Coverage 

Exchange Fee

Trading Platform

Customer Support








plus image
  • Binance OTC

  • Large Spanish Community

  • 1.4 million Transactions per second speed

  • 200+ tradable currencies

  • 0.1% trading fee

  • Bitcoin deposit is free

  • BNB native token

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  • New exchanges offer a better customer service time

  • Not the best security in the marketplace


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