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HotBit review

HotBit is the newest addition to the crypto exchange world. With the eccentric performance, HotBit managed to become a strong competitor of Binance and Huobi. it became a reliable place for trading Bitcoin within two years.

HotBit has promising advantages over other exchanges. The number of users using the exchange for trading every day is not small. Around 700,000 registered users trust the services every day. Users avail of a lucrative exchange fee package to remain inside the platform ecosystem. Among the 170+ countries, Spain is one of the most active communities for HotBit.

HotBit has a different characteristic in our list of exchanges. It serves 90% non-Chinese users which can be a potential trustable place for the Spanish Bitcoin traders. HotBit just started its journey in 2018 but already has most of the major currencies and exotic coins in its vault. Trading with higher volume and liquidity can be blessings for those who want to avail of the deals of HotBit.

HotBit accepts multiple payment methods for the traders. Depositing and withdrawal of currency is quite easy and rewarding. On top of it, a strong customer support team and security engineers are working to keep the platform up to date all the time. 

Our review of top Bitcoin exchanges in Spain selects HotBit for its potential growth in the future. The next sections will have a brief description of the advantages of choosing HotBit as a platform for Bitcoin trading.

Asset Coverage 

HotBit has a collection of major coins, altcoins, and exotic coins. Experts compare the list of coins with other top exchanges. HotBit offers around 600 coins including all the major currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc. 

The platform offers the collection of coins in different categories. For instance, traders can choose coins using sector-wise categories or growing categories. Once the perfect pair is selected a trader can easily jump right into trading without any hassle. 

HotBit also has native coins like the two exchanges on our list. Holding native coins reward the trader with additional benefits over other traders.

Exchange Fee

Huobi offers an exciting trading fee journey. The fee is unlike any other exchanges you can find in the top tier marketplaces. It has a maker fee -0.05% suitable for the trader makers who want to gain extra coins during a trade.
The taker fee is also within the range of a Bitcoin trader. It is 0.2% and quite competitive for both the experienced and beginners. Traders who want to take the buy or sell orders of the trade makers should take the opportunity of a lower fee.

Finally, the deposit fee is free for 22 currencies. Just choose a currency within the 22 coin list and enjoy free deposits at any time. This makes Bitcoin trading more enjoyable and profitable for-profit lovers. The withdrawal fee is also very low in comparison to many exchanges. HotBit only charges network charges during the withdrawal of currency.

Trading Platform 


The performance of the platform determines the acceptability of a crypto exchange. We’ve already heard how much Huobi and Binance invest in platform development. HotBit also has similar intentions to make the trading experience seamless.

Our overview of the platform is that it is quite advanced and interactive. Users who love trading daily reviewed the exchange to have all the necessary tools for a professional feeling. The platform comes with live charts, price tables, and indicators.

For those who need historical prices, in-depth research on the market and fast interaction inside the platform gets everything in one window. The coin pair selection is quite easy. Furthermore, long-term investors can study the market behavior and emotion to lock more profit trading Bitcoin. 

The chart is designed with precise tools. The graphic is quite eye-catching. Both the pro and newer users can understand the patters quickly. When investing your money in a volatile market where each second is important such a great platform means more profit.

Customer Service 

In terms of customer services, many cryptocurrency exchanges lack quality. HotBit is none of them. 24/7 spontaneous customer service is the main advantage of the exchange over many other exchanges. Combining the services with a powerful fee structure HotBit managed to gain respect among the Spanish Bitcoin traders.

Using a request form, any user can quickly solve an issue. The problem request always conveys pinpoint details of the problem to a service team. The service then quickly test and resolve the problem for the users. 

In addition, quick help guides are available online for beginners. Those who want to create an account and start trading in HotBit can go through the materials and solve any issue during the process. Such great effort on customer experience made HotBit a quick sensation in the Crypto trading community.


HotBit has a reputation for safety and security. Daily monitoring and auditing of the networks make the platform safe from scammers and hackers. Investing more time and money on security issues made the exchange almost unbreachable.

HotBit promotes itself as a zero loss platform. HotBit Engineers exercise strong monitoring over the safety of each account. They check all the information going inside and outside the platform. As a result, intruders are quickly detected and eliminated. 

HotBit safety is quite comparable with the top exchanges in the market. Experts believe that HotBit has a similar security rating as Binance. This gives confidence to the users trading in Spain. 

HotBit promotes 2FA like other top-level exchanges. Both desktop and mobile platforms can be secured by implementing two-factor authentication.


Asset Coverage 

Exchange Fee

Trading Platform

Customer Support








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  • Deposit Fee waived for 22 currencies

  • 600+ coins, exciting for exotic coin lovers

  • Security is quite strong

  • Native token for rewards

  • Trading fee is highly competitive

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  • Fiat is not accepted yet

  • Not an experienced exchange


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